If you’re a creative person like me, you know the importance of being inspired. Yes, it is great when that inspiration happens organically, but as a trained creative individual I’ve learned the importance of seeking out inspiration. Whether it’s through reading a great story, hearing a song, learning a new word, visiting a new place, there is inspiration all around us. Sometimes it even helps to flip something over and look at the other side.

Whatever your reason for wanting to be inspired, I hope that this page does just that, inspire you.

Through My Eyes – Life as a Black Woman - ...the color of my skin is with me everywhere I go/ And where you're permitted "yes," I am permitted "no"
Does Anyone Care? Finding Peace in the Storm - The other day, in the haze between sleeping and being awake. I saw myself standing on the shore of the ocean (one of my favorite places to be). This massive wave was building and rising and coming straight toward me. It was much taller than me, tall enough where I should have ran, but as […]
Who Do You Need to Forgive? - One could argue that worst type of captivity is not the captivity that you can see, but rather the captivity that you can’t see. – EE Winkler Have you ever stopped to consider, what is it that’s holding you captive? Is it yourself? It is another person? Is it a substance? Is it unforgiveness? So […]
Encouragement for Your Soul with Rhythms and Rhymes - “You are special, you are loved, who you are, is enough.” (an excerpt from “Who You Are is Enough”) It is my honor to share my new poetry book with you today! It is my hope that it will encourage you and remind you that you are loved, you are special and that you have a […]
This is the Day of the Girl (an Original Poem) #dayofthegirl - Celebrating 2019's International Day of the Girl with this original poem & spoken word performance.
Look Up - Whatever you’re doing, stop for a moment to look up. Seriously, look up. Now, what did you feel? What did you see? What did you think? Sometimes, we are walking about so consumed by what we see in front of us, whether literally or figuratively, that we become consumed with our challenges and difficulties because […]
Why Settle for Happy? - Happiness is temporary but joy lasts a lifetime. – EE Winkler We all love to be happy. It feels good. I once had a history professor that stated, “everything we do in life is to make us happy.” It stuck with me. I pondered it in my head and I realized that there was a […]
Cultivate a Positive Mindset for Success - Success is something that starts in our minds way before we actually do anything.  How To Cultivate a Positive Mindset for Success: Dream BIG dreams: Sometimes if you fail and experience rejection enough times it can sometimes make you dream smaller or shorten your reach or settle for mediocre or ordinary. But what if instead […]
The Struggle with Writing… - To every aspiring writer, stop calling yourself an "aspiring" writer. If you want to be a writer than be a writer. Write everyday. Write something. Write for more than just yourself and don't worry if it sounds perfect or not. It will never be perfect. Just write. -EE Winkler
Productivity for Work: Getting Past the Sick Day Blues - Let's face it, sick days may be inevitable, especially during cold season, so how can you still be productive even in the midst of these times?
Poetry is… - Poetry is… by EE Winkler poetry is rhythmic healing for my soul’s delight with words I reconstruct my day and build dreams in the night in a matter of moments I can be anywhere I want to be with a few lines or verses I write a new story poetry is rhythmic healing for my […]
Just for Today (Imagine) - Just For Today by EE Winkler Just for today imagine that you can’t lose and that every wrong around you can be diffused you don’t have to be led by the feelings at bay if you can imagine just for today Just for today imagine that hope is restored in the things that you’ve always […]
Reframing Your Goals to Optimize Goal Setting - Don’t let your goals get you down, let them left you up!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced discouragement from goals that you have set but struggled to achieve. It is not always easy, especially when if there are many goals that you want to achieve. But, through reframing your goals, it can set […]
3 Tips How to Manage Negative Stress…Better - It’s true, we all have to deal with negative stress at some point in our lives. But wouldn’t it be nice to deal with it better? 1.) Identify the Root Cause and Know Yourself: It is so important to ask yourself this question, “Why am I so stressed?” Then ask yourself, “Is this the real, […]
5 Intangible Items to Bring on a Job Interview or Big Idea Pitch - Interviews…we all have them at numerous points in time in our lives. How do we prepare for them in such a way that we can be successful? Beyond the tangible items, your resume, portfolio, references, recommendations, flash drive with digital versions of your documents, etc. — it is so essential to prepare and bring the […]
When: Say Goodbye to Fear, Doubt & Anxiety - When – an inspirational poem to encourage you to say goodbye to fear, doubt and anxiety.  Poetry is one of the most beautiful expression of words that I know. I first fell in love with it as a young child. I started reading poets like Langston Hughes and Shell Silverstein and I was inspired by […]
5 Tips of Encouragement in the Growth Process to Achieve Your Dreams & Goals (+ What No One Tells You About Growth) - Watch what happens when you don’t give up… What No One Tells You About Growth 1.) It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint The race will not immediately be over, instead it’s about making a commitment to make little steps over a long period of time. It might seem exhausting but with each step you are making […]
Broken - via Daily Prompt: Broken Broken By EE Winkler When you are broken you are at your best still alive, you have withstood the test humbled completely and compassionate are breathed out from your brokenness When you are broken the world is not as it seems your lens is tainted based on what you see and […]
Dry - Dry by EE Winkler Beware of what seems barren, empty and dry don’t count it off as dead when from there He can breathe life from the dust we were made out of nothing we see and from the dust He still makes beautiful things. Don’t be disturbed when your heart shatters for only broken […]
Affliction - Affliction by EE Winkler Don’t get caught up in momentary woes afflictions and trials they come and go they have the power to shape our lives for the good but only if we respond to them as we should Some they blame affliction for their hate and it gives them a platform for their complaints […]
A Retrospective State of Mind - via Daily Prompt: Retrospective A Retrospective State of Mind by EE Winkler A retrospective state of mind doesn’t consider the future but only this moment in time it gets swept up in the past and on momentary things but neglects the joy that hope can bring A retrospective state of mind is determined and set […]
Thin - via Daily Prompt: Thin Thin by EE Winkler      She looked in the mirror and said “I wish I was thin,” “then I could be normal like my friend Jen I wouldn’t be picked on about my size and maybe more people would know I am alive      If I were thin I […]
Life Without Laughter? - via Daily Prompt: Laughter Life Without Laughter? by EE Winkler A life without laughter is not really a life but simply an existence in the world does one abide laughter is the medicine to our souls to provide some relief in the midst of troubles and woes A life without laughter is not really a […]
Travels to Israel: The Garden of Gethsemane & Church of All Nations (Basilica of the Agony) - Although it is said that the exact location of the Garden of Gethsemane is unknown, there are many reasons that point to this location being the most likely location of where it would have been.      The Garden of Gethsemane was full of olive trees and the literal translation actually means “olive press.” The […]
Rivulets - via Daily Prompt: Rivulet Rivulets by EE Winkler I was walking in darkness I could not see until I was awakened to His truth about what He has done for me It was a day that I won’t forget He was knocking on my heart and I let Him in He poured out His love […]
Authentic You (an inspirational & motivational poem) - via Daily Prompt: Authentic Authentic You by EE Winkler There is only one authentic you not another one could do what you do uniquely created by God’s loving hands whose good thoughts about you outnumber the sand There is only one authentic you shaped and molded for good things to do with a plan and […]
Parallel Lives - via Daily Prompt: Parallel   Parallel Lives by EE Winkler We were walking parallel lives but from two different parts of the globe in time each traveling round on roads unknown to learn about life outside of our home while others around us stayed in their comfort zone we destined out to unafraid and alone […]
Daily Prompt: Fret - via Daily Prompt: Fret Why Fret? by EE Winkler Why fret and worry your life away? when one worry will not gain you an extra day we only must live this life to the full and make the most of every moment to do good Why fret and worry your life away? it does no […]
Daily Prompt: Song - via Daily Prompt: Song A Song for You by EE Winkler She wakes up in the morning tosses and turns while she rubs her eyes The sun is shining on her face through the window pane so bright There’s no telling what this day will bring but she awakes with a smile in the presence […]
Glimmer – Daily Prompt - Glimmer Glimmer by EE Winkler Watch it glimmer, watch it glow a single flame that lights our way home just a small flicker, a gentle light that takes us onward through the night Watch it glimmer watch it glow we only see a little but still we know there’s a purpose behind this journey we […]
Daily Prompt: Disrupt - via Daily Prompt: Disrupt  A Sleeping Lion by EE Winkler Shh…be very quiet whisper, don’t shout there’s a sleeping lion we don’t want to disrupt he’s stretched out reclined in his den but with one shout you’ll find him awake again his eyes will open slowly like a shade to reveal his large golden eyes […]
Daily Prompt: Froth - via Daily Prompt: Froth Froth by EE Winkler It sits upon my coffee cup I take a sip and drink it up It leaves a little white mustache But with one lick of my lips it does not last It dances like a foamy white flower But still it barely last one hour Until it […]
7 Strategies for Starting a New Career & Making a Career Change - Starting a new career or making a career change is not always an easy transition. It takes courage to step out in the first place and then endurance to keep going in pursuing your goals and dreams. 7 Strategies for Starting a New Career & Making a Career Change 1.) Humility: Walking into a new […]
5 Lessons in Character Building from ‘Black Panther’ (the movie) - Perhaps you’ve seen the movie Black Panther. Was it just a movie to you or did you glean anything insightful from this feature film?  Valuable life lessons exist in a myriad of contexts and feature films are no exception to this principle. I was excited to see the movie Black Panther and after I saw […]
Daily Prompt: Radiant - via Daily Prompt: Radiant Radiant by EE Winkler His love is so radiant it shines so bright too brilliant to see with the naked eye beyond our comprehension our minds cannot grasp His eternal love that always was and is and never will run dry His love is so radiant it dazzles more than any […]
Never Again - An original poem inspired by #NeverAgain  Never Again  by EE Winkler Now ain’t the time to stay seated we’re rising up… Now ain’t the time to stay silent we’ve had enough Haven’t enough lives been lost Isn’t it time we count the cost If we really want to live a life that matters Then we […]
I’m Speaking for Her (a poem inspired by International Women’s Day 2018) - Although one day is designated to celebrate International Women’s Day, this is something we can choose to see, embrace, support and celebrate every single day of the year. I wrote this poem on International Women’s Day 2018. I am inspired by the movement of so many women who have come before me and paved the […]
Are You Ready to TESTIFY? “Master, I Want to See” - What if the one thing that’s standing in the way of your testimony is you? What if you are the one that God is waiting for to participate with Him? What if we’re waiting on His timing, only to discover that He is waiting on us. We cry out for help and healing and he’s ready […]
Choose Love - “Love is a choice. Beyond feelings, beyond a moment in time, it’s a daily deliberate decision to choose to love.  But in order to be able to love like this, you must first know how much you are already loved by Him.”  -EE Winkler Choose Love An original poem by EE Winkler Choose Love when […]
For All the Times You Hear “I Can’t” - An original poem by EE Winkler. Don’t ever, ever give up.  For All the Times You Hear “I Can’t” EE Winkler For all the times you hear “I can’t” Stop for a moment and consider the ant watch how steadily and diligent he moves to carry up to 10 times his weight over hills and grooves […]
Don’t Let This Moment Pass You By–Making the Most of Time - It’s gone. That moment when you first read this title. It has passed you by and it will never come back again. I think that we lose sight of the ugly truth about time. Time is the most expensive commodity in this world and yet we waste it. We find ourselves being distracted by things […]
The Vine - An original poem inspired by John 15       The Vine The Vine called out to me the branch… whatever you do, just don’t let go I love you more than you could ever know you don’t have to fret and fear just look by your side and you’ll see I’m near I make […]
“Keep Your Eyes on Me,” He Whispers - “Keep your eyes on Me,” I hear him whisper.      Life is full of ups and downs. Even on the calmest day, I still have to pause and refocus. Where are my eyes? Where is my hope? If I keep my eyes on myself, I’m headed for trouble. If I keep my eyes on […]
Is It Time to Check Your Outlook? -        If you find yourself having too many bad days in a row, maybe it’s time to take the metaphorical glasses of your life off and look at the lens. Chances are that over time they have collected dirt, debris and maybe the glass itself is broken and all of these things are […]
Just One Thing -   Do One Thing Everyday that Brings You Closer to Where You Want to Be… If you’re anything like me and you have a to-do list that’s a mile long, then sometimes the agenda of daily tasks can seem daunting. We strive to do so many things with the goal of maintaining a balanced life […]
Tunnel Vision - When was the last time that you went through a tunnel? Do you recall the feeling of the dark, narrow space where all you could really see or focus on was the tunnel? Do you recall the feeling you felt when you were going through a very long tunnel and you finally saw the light […]
Just in the Knick of Time -        Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere that is absolutely contingent on whether or not you’re on time?       The doors close at 9:00am sharp or the race starts right on time or the last tickets are given to people that arrive on time or even early. […]
Seeing & Embracing Your Potential - The thing about potential is that it starts off small and grows into something extraordinary. If properly nurtured it will not simply remain the same, but eventually there will be a fruitful harvest. Potential is like a seed buried in the ground. It is only a tiny fragment but when placed in the soil, buried, […]
My Cup Overflows - “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” -Luke 6:38 Whose cup are you overflowing right now? Whose life are we investing so much in that if we […]

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