If you’re a creative person like me, you know the importance of being inspired. Yes, it is great when that inspiration happens organically, but as a trained creative individual I’ve learned the importance of seeking out inspiration. Whether it’s through reading a great story, hearing a song, learning a new word, visiting a new place, there is inspiration all around us. Sometimes it even helps to flip something over and look at the other side.

Whatever your reason for wanting to be inspired, I hope that this page does just that, inspire you.

Parallel Lives - via Daily Prompt: Parallel   Parallel Lives by EE Winkler We were walking parallel lives but from two different parts of the globe in time each traveling round on roads unknown to learn about life outside of our home while others around us stayed in their comfort zone we destined out to unafraid and alone […]
Daily Prompt: Fret - via Daily Prompt: Fret Why Fret? by EE Winkler Why fret and worry your life away? when one worry will not gain you an extra day we only must live this life to the full and make the most of every moment to do good Why fret and worry your life away? it does no […]
Daily Prompt: Song - via Daily Prompt: Song A Song for You by EE Winkler She wakes up in the morning tosses and turns while she rubs her eyes The sun is shining on her face through the window pane so bright There’s no telling what this day will bring but she awakes with a smile in the presence […]
Glimmer – Daily Prompt - Glimmer Glimmer by EE Winkler Watch it glimmer, watch it glow a single flame that lights our way home just a small flicker, a gentle light that takes us onward through the night Watch it glimmer watch it glow we only see a little but still we know there’s a purpose behind this journey we […]
Daily Prompt: Disrupt - via Daily Prompt: Disrupt  A Sleeping Lion by EE Winkler Shh…be very quiet whisper, don’t shout there’s a sleeping lion we don’t want to disrupt he’s stretched out reclined in his den but with one shout you’ll find him awake again his eyes will open slowly like a shade to reveal his large golden eyes […]
Daily Prompt: Froth - via Daily Prompt: Froth Froth by EE Winkler It sits upon my coffee cup I take a sip and drink it up It leaves a little white mustache But with one lick of my lips it does not last It dances like a foamy white flower But still it barely last one hour Until it […]
7 Strategies for Starting a New Career & Making a Career Change - Starting a new career or making a career change is not always an easy transition. It takes courage to step out in the first place and then endurance to keep going in pursuing your goals and dreams. 7 Strategies for Starting a New Career & Making a Career Change 1.) Humility: Walking into a new […]
5 Lessons in Character Building from ‘Black Panther’ (the movie) - Perhaps you’ve seen the movie Black Panther. Was it just a movie to you or did you glean anything insightful from this feature film?  Valuable life lessons exist in a myriad of contexts and feature films are no exception to this principle. I was excited to see the movie Black Panther and after I saw […]
Daily Prompt: Radiant - via Daily Prompt: Radiant Radiant by EE Winkler His love is so radiant it shines so bright too brilliant to see with the naked eye beyond our comprehension our minds cannot grasp His eternal love that always was and is and never will run dry His love is so radiant it dazzles more than any […]
Never Again - An original poem inspired by #NeverAgain  Never Again  by EE Winkler Now ain’t the time to stay seated we’re rising up… Now ain’t the time to stay silent we’ve had enough Haven’t enough lives been lost Isn’t it time we count the cost If we really want to live a life that matters Then we […]
I’m Speaking for Her (a poem inspired by International Women’s Day 2018) - Although one day is designated to celebrate International Women’s Day, this is something we can choose to see, embrace, support and celebrate every single day of the year. I wrote this poem on International Women’s Day 2018. I am inspired by the movement of so many women who have come before me and paved the […]
Are You Ready to TESTIFY? “Master, I Want to See” - What if the one thing that’s standing in the way of your testimony is you? What if you are the one that God is waiting for to participate with Him? What if we’re waiting on His timing, only to discover that He is waiting on us. We cry out for help and healing and he’s ready […]
Choose Love - “Love is a choice. Beyond feelings, beyond a moment in time, it’s a daily deliberate decision to choose to love.  But in order to be able to love like this, you must first know how much you are already loved by Him.”  -EE Winkler Choose Love An original poem by EE Winkler Choose Love when […]
For All the Times You Hear “I Can’t” - An original poem by EE Winkler. Don’t ever, ever give up.  For All the Times You Hear “I Can’t” EE Winkler For all the times you hear “I can’t” Stop for a moment and consider the ant watch how steadily and diligent he moves to carry up to 10 times his weight over hills and grooves […]
Don’t Let This Moment Pass You By–Making the Most of Time - It’s gone. That moment when you first read this title. It has passed you by and it will never come back again. I think that we lose sight of the ugly truth about time. Time is the most expensive commodity in this world and yet we waste it. We find ourselves being distracted by things […]
The Vine - An original poem inspired by John 15       The Vine The Vine called out to me the branch… whatever you do, just don’t let go I love you more than you could ever know you don’t have to fret and fear just look by your side and you’ll see I’m near I make […]
“Keep Your Eyes on Me,” He Whispers - “Keep your eyes on Me,” I hear him whisper.      Life is full of ups and downs. Even on the calmest day, I still have to pause and refocus. Where are my eyes? Where is my hope? If I keep my eyes on myself, I’m headed for trouble. If I keep my eyes on […]
Is It Time to Check Your Outlook? -        If you find yourself having too many bad days in a row, maybe it’s time to take the metaphorical glasses of your life off and look at the lens. Chances are that over time they have collected dirt, debris and maybe the glass itself is broken and all of these things are […]
Just One Thing -   Do One Thing Everyday that Brings You Closer to Where You Want to Be… If you’re anything like me and you have a to-do list that’s a mile long, then sometimes the agenda of daily tasks can seem daunting. We strive to do so many things with the goal of maintaining a balanced life […]
Tunnel Vision - When was the last time that you went through a tunnel? Do you recall the feeling of the dark, narrow space where all you could really see or focus on was the tunnel? Do you recall the feeling you felt when you were going through a very long tunnel and you finally saw the light […]
Just in the Knick of Time -        Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere that is absolutely contingent on whether or not you’re on time?       The doors close at 9:00am sharp or the race starts right on time or the last tickets are given to people that arrive on time or even early. […]
Seeing & Embracing Your Potential - The thing about potential is that it starts off small and grows into something extraordinary. If properly nurtured it will not simply remain the same, but eventually there will be a fruitful harvest. Potential is like a seed buried in the ground. It is only a tiny fragment but when placed in the soil, buried, […]
My Cup Overflows - “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” -Luke 6:38 Whose cup are you overflowing right now? Whose life are we investing so much in that if we […]
Are You Ready to Go to the Heights? -   The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. -Habakkuk 3:19 Any experienced hiker or climber knows that in order to go to the heights, you must go through the valleys and tread the “not so frequently travelled” ground in […]
Fear’s Final Fallout - Bang! You’re Out! Dripping with sweat I wipe my brow and stand there looking over it. My chest rises and falls quickly and with my fists clenched I feel victorious yet ready to punch again if it even flinches. There it lay on the ground. After holding hostage seasons of my life, I had finally […]
With Just a Grain of Sand - Are you experiencing difficulty? Do you have something that is an unwelcome irritant invading your world with seemingly no resolve? Does it feel like the difficulty is trying to overtake or consume your life? Consider the beauty of the pearl. One of the most precious and beautiful jewels of the sea is formed out of […]
Just Call Me “Steward” - Stewardship. It extends so much farther beyond a financial perspective. Stewardship also applies to time, gifts, talents and our very lives. What are we doing with what we have? Are we stewarding it properly to leverage the greatest return? The good news is that we’ve all been given something. In some cases, we have been given […]
Like a Child - One of the hardest things to do as an adult is to be “childlike.” I don’t mean childlike in the sense of childish immature behavior or playfulness but rather the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child and to learn like a child. Children have a natural receptivity to be open […]
Just Show Up & Be Available - When did we start believing the lie that in order to make a difference that we must actually have a specific gift, skill set or calling. When did we forget that sometimes the greatest thing we can do is just show up. Showing up is half of the battle and many people lose this battle […]
Weaved Together as the Human Race - We are all weaved together as the human race We affect one another through our deeds and the words we say We’re not islands although innately unique We’re all coexisting in the habitat of humanity
For All the Times You Hear “I Can’t” - For all the times you hear “I can’t” Stop for a moment and consider the ant watch how steadily and diligently he moves to carry up to 3 times his weight over hills and grooves you won’t hear him whimper or complain but slowly, slowly he keeps his pace no matter how small each item […]
How to Maximize Time in a Busy Life - Life is not slowing down. If anything it feels like it’s speeding up. We are all perpetually busy people with our work, families, hobbies and duties. Often it can feel like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what you’d really like to do. So, how do you combat this feeling and […]
You’ve Got This - Sometimes all we really need is to hear “you’ve got this.” No, not in reference to ourselves taking the lead on our lives but rather that God has got this. “You’ve got this” is our bold confession to God that we trust that He’s in control and that He can more than handle whatever we […]
Do One Thing Everyday that Brings You Closer to Where You Want to Be -      It sounds simple, but at the end of the day the reward is not always just for the swift, it’s for the committed and dedicated individuals who choose day in and day out to keep putting time in to achieve their goals.  It’s not as complex as it sounds. You do not have […]
We Don’t Know What to Do, But Our Eyes Are Upon You - Have you ever had a moment when you felt like the whole world was coming against you? A moment when reality seemed to be caving in? A moment when justice didn’t seem to be something that was applying to your current situation? A moment that was just plain unfair or “too much to handle” or […]
Do You Need to Adjust Your Lens? - How do you see the world? Is it a place full of possibility? A dangerous place? A place where there is hate more than love? Context is everything. It’s not just about how you view the world but how you view yourself in it. Are you too focused on yourself or your problems that you […]
Echo - Do you hear it? Listen closely, pause and behold, He is speaking. Right now, every moment, every day. His voice can be heard. Do you hear it? People trek around the world to find it, the enter holy places to hear it, they climb the mountaintops to encounter it when all along there He stands, […]
You’ve Set a Goal, Now What?  - As Much as You Can Plan, Plan When you’re starting off anything new it’s good to not only set a goal but set a plan on how you can actually achieve the goal. A plan can be broken down into a daily guide, weekly guide or even a monthly guide depending on what the original […]
Stay in the Race - Life is a race worth running. We are all alive but are you running your race or are you just standing on the sidelines watching it pass you by? Know the Course: What makes you come alive? What job would you do for free? What do you find yourself thinking about everyday? Our passions are […]
Don’t Let Your Mind Get Derailed by a Delay - “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.” – Isaiah 26: 3-4 Derailed. There’s nothing worse than a delay. Especially when you’re on the road to a place you really need to get to, or […]
The Rest Note is NOT the End of the Song - Life is like a song. There are many notes, some high and some low, that will fill our lives. And our lives are not complete without these much needed rest notes. We often misinterpret the rest notes as our “defeat,” or the end of our story but we are not looking at the rest notes through the eyes […]
Uncharted Territory: Why a Movement Begins in Your Heart and Not Your Mind - Movements around the world don’t just happen. They are centered around a cause, belief system or injustice. They have the power to not only change one particular cause but they have the power to change history and furthermore our perceptions and beliefs. But movements are more than a matter of the mind, they’re a matter […]
Be Still My Soul, Be Still - Stop Running. No, not in a literal sense but rather stop your mind from running; from moving a mile a minute across the vast territory of worry, what-ifs, regrets, and “what will be” in the future. This is not the territory that you are to cross or abide in. It is the territory of our […]

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