Seeing & Embracing Your Potential

Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash

The thing about potential is that it starts off small and grows into something extraordinary. If properly nurtured it will not simply remain the same, but eventually there will be a fruitful harvest. Potential is like a seed buried in the ground. It is only a tiny fragment but when placed in the soil, buried, fed with sunlight and water, it begins to take root. But, all of the initial work begins under the surface. It is not seen and in fact, many people pass right by it never knowing that there’s actually something growing and taking root under the surface layer. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the first initial sprout of green life emerges from the surface. Delicate and small it still continues to grow above the soil while also making sure to extend its roots deeper into the ground. There is much more taking place underground than above the ground.

Is Your Potential Planted in Fertile Ground? 

Allow it to Grow: Potential means nothing if it is not applied. If a child has the potential to be an Olympic gymnast but he never practices or refuses training, how can she ever expect anything to develop from that potential? Allowing your potential to grow is making an investment on a daily basis in what you have been given.

Feed & Nurture Your Potential: Now that you’ve “planted” your potential, what active steps are you taking to let it grow? Are you attending trainings or classes to make you better qualified in your field. Do you spend your time thinking of new ways to develop your skills rather than diminish them?

Keep Investing in the Growth Process: As grueling as it may sometimes be, don’t give up on the growth process. Some days will be easier than others, where the sun is shining and all seems right with the world. Other days will make you feel like giving up and the rain and thunder clouds will ominously hang over the sky. But, there is sill progress to be made in each of these steps along the way.

Don’t Forget About Your Roots: Yes, it’s important to nurture the plant above the ground that everyone can see but don’t forget to nurture your roots. Although they remain unseen their role is critical in providing the plant with all of the nutrients it needs to stay alive and healthy. What are you doing to nurture your roots? Your roots are  what sustain you even when you are exposed to difficult circumstances and life events out of your control. Without strong roots, then the beautiful plant that you’ve become will not stand the test of the storms of life. That’s why it’s so important to know your roots. What are you grounded in? What are your absolutes?

The beauty of potential is that there’s always room for growth. It’s never too late and it’s never too soon to let your potential grow into something extraordinary. It all comes down to a choice.

What will you choose to do with your potential?



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