Just Show Up & Be Available


When did we start believing the lie that in order to make a difference that we must actually have a specific gift, skill set or calling. When did we forget that sometimes the greatest thing we can do is just show up. Showing up is half of the battle and many people lose this battle on a daily basis because they just won’t do it.

But underneath it all, there is this great joy that’s found when you’re present and making yourself available to all that could be possible.
If your 5 year old has a recital, she doesn’t care if your shoes don’t match your belt all she cares about is that she can look out in the audience and you are there.
If you’re home with your kids and you’re not a very good cook but you still try your best to put nutricious meal on the table and dine with them, then you’ve done what matters.
If you say you’re going to be at work at 9am and you’re there; In doing so, you’re proving that you are a person of your word and you’re actually framing the lens through which people will receive the words that you say.
My track coach used to say the hardest part about running is putting on your shoes and getting out the door. We used to look at him crazily thinking, “No it’s not. Easy for him to say. He’s not the one about to spend the next two hours on a brutal workout.” But looking back it’s true. Once you’ve made a decision to do something, the best way to stay committed is just to keep showing up. Commitment is not always measured by how much you know or how much you can do, but it’s really about are you available so that the fruits of commitment can eventually take root in your life.
What Happens When We Show Up:
1.) We’re immersed in the environment. 
There’s nothing like being immersed in an environment that you want to be a part of. If you want to be a reporter, being on the newsroom floor will by default cultivate this skill further in you. If you want to learn to cook Spanish food, spending some time in Spanish kitchens not only teach you to cook the food but it will immerse you in the actual experience itself.
2.) We begin speaking the language.
Every environment has a language. The tech industry has a different one than the fashion industry. The automotive industry has a different one than the food industry. Every field has it’s own unique language and if you’re new to it, then being there is like an immersion course. You will begin to speak the language from hearing others speak it all day, everyday and eventually, you’ll start to understand the language you speak.
3.) We’re always on the verge of hearing something new.
If there’s anything new or a special promotion going on there is always favor in the corner of those who just simply show up. You can win at anything in life if you don’t participate.
4.) We are building our true character.
Whether we like it or not our words really can say a lot about us. Partnered in agreement with our actions, they become a formidable force. When we say we’re going to do something and we actually do it, what is says to others is this person meant what they said. They were not just talking about it but they did something about it.
5.) We are on the road to become all were meant to me.
Sometimes we have a tendency to get so caught up in our qualifications but the truth of the matter is when you’re available you’re far more qualified than the person who didn’t show up. Sometimes your simple willingness to be there will open the doors of possibility more than your qualifications ever could.
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