You’ve Got This

Sometimes all we really need is to hear “you’ve got this.” No, not in reference to ourselves taking the lead on our lives but rather that God has got this. “You’ve got this” is our bold confession to God that we trust that He’s in control and that He can more than handle whatever we may be going through.

He’s with you: Never does He leave nor forsake you. Is there any better friend to have? Who can make a promise like this one except for God? Since we know He’s with us, let’s acknowledge His presence and lean on Him for everything.

He sees the beginning to the end: God’s view of our lives is not limited to the past and the present, but rather He sees the past, present and future. He sees it all and He’s working it all together for the good. All things, He’s working together for the good.

He has a purpose: when we entrust our lives to God we can be assured that He has a purpose for our lives. We no longer have to believe the lie that our life has no purpose. It has a purpose and He is the life behind the purpose.




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