Uncharted Territory: Why a Movement Begins in Your Heart and Not Your Mind


Movements around the world don’t just happen. They are centered around a cause, belief system or injustice. They have the power to not only change one particular cause but they have the power to change history and furthermore our perceptions and beliefs. But movements are more than a matter of the mind, they’re a matter of the heart, fueled by emotional reactions.

1.) We are wired to follow love: the things we love we are willing to do anything for. We work as hard as we can, we sacrifice everything, we devote ourselves fully all in a spirit of joy because of what we love. When love is the starting point of any movement, we are compelled to act on behalf of the object of our affection. We don’t have to convince ourselves, we do it willingly out of love and with love. If you are serving a cause from a place of love then the input and output should be love.

2.) It’s a decision initiated by passion but sustained by commitment and selfless devotion: we all have causes and people we are passionate about. But enough ‘long, hard days’ will make you second guess even your deepest passions. In order to keep the passion alive it must be sustained by commitment and selfless devotion. The focus is not on how much you have received but rather focuses on how much you can give. It is passion that is fueled by love and supported by discipline to choose each day to continue, prosper and thrive.

3.) True Love Knows No Fear, because fear based love is not love at all. If a passion begins from a point of love and then transitions to your mind then it eliminates the fear obstacle. The passion is not pursued out of fear but out of a sincere desire to serve the cause or person.

4.) What Resonates in Your Heart Will Haunt the Logic of Your Mind: whether we admit it or not, all human beings have a view of “right” and “wrong.” When we choose not to speak up on behalf of what is right, do the right thing or follow right course we are resisting truth. This resistance of truth threatens justice for the sake of comfort. We should always never left the comforts of this world keep us from doing the right thing.

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