Be Still My Soul, Be Still


Stop Running. No, not in a literal sense but rather stop your mind from running; from moving a mile a minute across the vast territory of worry, what-ifs, regrets, and “what will be” in the future. This is not the territory that you are to cross or abide in. It is the territory of our minds, if let long enough neglected, will deplete and deteriorate and no longer hold our minds captive. This is territory that deceives us into thinking that we’re accomplishing something by worrying or wallowing in regret. It’s the territory that robs us of the things and places we should be doing and should be at. It’s only until we finally can tell our soul, be still my soul be still, and wait patiently upon the Lord, that we’re actually making progress. Oh the paradox that when we are finally still before the Lord He Himself is able to then pick us up and carry us onto the new heights.

Have you ever tried to hold a baby that keeps fidgeting and moving around restlessly? They’re tired and it is nap time but they want to get out of your arms and wander around not knowing that the rest they really need (and long for) is in your arms.

Many of us are still infants. Unable to eat solid food not because we’re not ready but we’re simply unwilling to stay still in the arms of our Savior and allow Him to work in our lives. It is an act of submission to Almighty God to say with our hearts and our actions,

   “Your ways are higher, Your thoughts are deeper, I submit to You.”

   Then we’re going somewhere. Finally we’ve put fuel in the engine that we’ve been trying to start all along.

What we often misunderstand or forget is:

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on the completion until the day of Christ Jesus”  Philippians 1:6

Meaning, yes God has called us to do many things but guess what, He’s also going to be the one doing the work through us. Ahhh, what a relief! When you really think about it, it’s funny, because all along, what we struggle and strive with is not our job to do so. Oh no, we simply need to submit to the hands of our Heavenly Father, obey Him and follow His leading in everything, trusting that He’s the one working through us all along.

Imagine you’ve been called to fix your car brake pads. You don’t know a thing about brake pads but God does. One way or another, He will get the work done either directly working through our hands or the hands of an experienced mechanic. But every minute you spend worrying adds up to nothing in accomplishing the work. It’s when we seek His face and follow His leading that then we’re finally able to make progress.

We ought not to worry about any single detail of our lives. God is not surprised by any of it. He   is alive and omniscient and actively working on our behalf. When we worry, we’re saying,

“Yes Lord, you are the one who spoke all of creation into existence and hold it all together by your breath, but my problems are too much for you to handle. Do you even know or care about my problems?”

   How we really still don’t understand the nature of God. We know our family and friends and willing we defend them because we know them and they would never do “such and such.” Yet when it comes to God, who’s shown Himself faithful in every way, we still walk around wondering. Get to know God. Spend time on your knees before Him. Read His word. Dwell in His presence. Finally, our souls get to taste true freedom and peace that only comes from Him. When was the last time you told yourself, Be still my soul, be still?

Once in a Lifetime: A Cappadocia Adventure

The story of why you need to add a hot air balloon to your bucket list and why Cappadocia is the best location. 


The sky is your home, the clouds are your neighbors, the sun is your light and the stars your guide. The uncharted territory unknown will widen your eyes. 


Wonder, filled with eyes of wonder. Floating gently across the barely dawning sky like a cloud we sail. Like a sailboat for the sky we reach heights unknown and breathe a crisp autumn fresh air from 970 meters above the ground.

Beneath us are the caves, valleys, prehistoric looking craters and rock formations of Cappadocia.

We have the view of the eagles as we soar higher and then drift across the sky looking down into the Creator’s beautiful creation.

The sun barely rising it peaks up beyond the clouds and greets us with the glow of morning. It’s rays create a celestial glow across a landscape left mostly untouched by man.

A hot air balloon journey across an ancient land.

If you’ve ever thought about taking a hot air balloon ride, here’s 5 reasons why you should add it to your bucket list and actually do it.

  1. You Feel Small in a Magnificent Way: We as people were made to know and seek the feeling of being small and see great wonders of creation. What a sweet embrace to feel so small and know how great God is. Creating all we see and holding it all together.
  2. I Was Made for This: we were not made for just the ordinary but to experience the extraordinary. A hot air balloon ride is extraordinary not just for the experience itself but to change your perspective.
  3. Surrounded by People in Awe: it’s a contagious feeling to be around people that see the world with awe and wonder. The people that live the exact same life as you but seem to enjoy it more. That seem to prosper and thrive more. What these people have is the right perspective. Every once in a while it’s good to check your perspective. How are you seeing this day? How are you seeing your opportunities? Do we see them with eyes of entitlement or with eyes of gratitude and wonder?
  4. A Slow Embrace: we rush through life in so many ways that when we look back we think. “where did the time go?” Taking a hot air balloon reminds you to slow down and take it all in. You don’t have to know it all, understand it all or do everything. Every once in a while we must slow down, stop and take in all of our surroundings. There’s beauty in all of it if we just change the angle we look at it and the lens in which we see it.
  5. Once in a Lifetime: it’s an experience unlike any other. Breathtaking and beautiful all at the same time. An hour spent floating hundreds of meters across the sky as the sun rises you can reflect, appreciate and embrace all that is around you and see the world beneath you in a whole new way.

About Cappadocia

Meaning “the land of horses” Cappadocia has even more to offer than beautiful horses. It’s a land of untouched beauty and one of the oldest historic places to visit in the world. With rock formations and caves formed by volcanic ash centuries ago it will make your jaw drop and widen your eyes like never before.

Survival Tactics to Living Abroad

Living abroad takes what we know as “living” and turns it upside down or right side up. It all depends on the perspective that you view it. 

Like a Child: humble yourself to view your new surroundings like a child. See it with open eyes. The world is what you make of it. If you choose to see it as full of possibility, then possibilities will appear.

img_3410Try a Little Something New: don’t be afraid of the unknown, embrace the unknown. When we try something new, we are signaling our brain to get ready for the challenge and push beyond our existing capacity.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Again: It can seem so daunting. You’ve worked hard to build a community for yourself and then to leave it all behind. Many would rationalize what’s the point? The point is, we’re alive for more than ourselves. Everything has a season. It’s not all about us and once we realize this starting again doesn’t seem quite so bad. We must embrace the idea of starting again. Whether it’s learning how to live in a new community, understanding a local culture or just adapting to a new way of life.

Focus: you will become like whatever you’re focusing on. Think about what is good about where you are. If you’re unemployed you might have more time than ever to learn something new, train for a marathon or study a new language. FOCUS on what is good about your situation.

Hold Tight in the Process: yes it’s difficult, especially when you’re in a new place and attempting to create a routine for yourself. But stay focused in the process. Don’t give up because with each step you make you’re getting along the road. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination.

You’re Doing Better than You Think You’re Doing: you will not always be a beginner or brand new. Although the beginning stages feel so challenging, take hope. With each new day, you’re learning and growing. You’re doing better today than you were yesterday just because you have another day under your belt so you are one day wiser. Focus on the progress you’re making and not the lack of progress you have yet to make.